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The Second Colloquium of the Spanish Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Society (STAMS 2021) will be devoted to Emerging Trends in Mechanics, both fluids and solids, and will take place at the Engineering School in Sevilla (Spain), on October 7-8, 2021.

The colloquium aims to bring together leading researchers in the areas of solid and fluid mechanics to engage in in-depth and far-ranging scientific discussion of current and future topics of interest for the Theoretical and Applied Mechanics community in Spain.

Daniel García González is a researcher at the UC3M’s Department of Continuum Mechanics and Structural Analysis. His ERC research project is called 4D-BIOMAP (Biomechanical Stimulation based on 4D Printed Magneto-Active Polymers). The project aims to develop a new methodology that will allow for simulating pathological processes where mechanics plays an important role, such as in wound healing or the central nervous system’s response. These methods will then be used to design devices that interact with the human body in different ways, i.e., promoting cell migration or mediating the electrophysiological responses. It is an interdisciplinary project whereas the problem is addressed from different approaches that involve diverse disciplines such as solid mechanics, magnetism and bioengineering, while combining computational, experimental and theoretical methodologies, the researcher explains. In the medium to long term, the results obtained from this project could contribute to developing nano-robots for drug delivery or a new generation of artificial muscles, among other experimental systems.  

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